SvNSpeaks (Ep.3): How to remove overly prescriptive, rigid development policies

SvNSpeaks (Ep.3): How to remove overly prescriptive, rigid development policies

What is the relationship between building form and climate change? Is there any specific form of City Building which will help us meet our 2030 carbon emission targets? Do municipal "built form regulations" help or hinder?

SvN's Managing Partner Drew Sinclair speaks with Toronto-based award-winning author and journalist John Lorinc and influential real estate developer Brandon Donnelly about designing and building a low-carbon future in Toronto. Citing leading examples from major metropolitan cities around the world, Drew, John and Brandon will discuss how Toronto's architecture and built form measures up. What policies and technologies are needed to accelerate a low-carbon city from government incentives to low-carbon infrastructure? How is Toronto's love of low-rise housing and the investor-driven real estate market impacting this transition?

As a regular urban affairs contributor to Corporate Knights, The Globe and Mail, and Spacing Magazine, John Lorinc provides thought-provoking commentary that focuses on architecture, city planning, politics, and the environment. In this conversation, he will share research and insights into how cities are shifting to be more climate-friendly and the latest infrastructure technologies and how we need to rethink how we design our neighbourhoods. Brandon Donnelly is a real estate developer and city building blogger based in Toronto. He is also the Managing Director of Development at Slate Asset Management and the founder of the Globizen Group. In this discussion, he will provide insights into the planning policies and economic forces that currently shape our city's development, pinpointing where there are real opportunities for change.

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