Co-Designing with Nature

Co-Designing with Nature

Our proposal was shortlisted in the International Ideas Competition centered around the reactivation of Acapulco after Hurricane Otis.

Our proposal for the International Ideas Competition from the Mexican Urbanists Association focuses on the rehabilitation of Acapulco's water system as a comprehensive strategy for ecological, social, and economic recovery in the face of the growing threat of climate change.

The key points of the proposal include:

• Regional and international cooperation: Collaboration with other tourist areas and international organizations to exchange knowledge and resources in tourist resilience.
• Continuous monitoring and review: Establishment of a monitoring system to measure the progress of the resilience master plan and make adjustments as necessary.
• Community participation: Active involvement of the local community in planning and decision-making, promoting citizen participation and social cohesion.
• Economic diversification: Promotion of economic diversification of the tourist destination to increase resilience to economic crises and natural disasters.
• Resilient infrastructure: Investment in infrastructure that can resist and quickly recover from natural disasters.
• Education and awareness: Promotion of public awareness of the importance of resilience to natural disasters.
• Risk and vulnerability assessment: Comprehensive analysis of the risks and vulnerabilities of the tourist destination.
• Development of local capacities: Strengthening of local capacities in disaster management and other key aspects of community resilience.
• Land use planning: Implementation of planning that takes into account the risks of natural disasters and promotes sustainable tourist development.

The project also highlights nature-based solutions, such as the revitalization of Acapulco Bay, addressing mountain slope areas, the La Sabana River alluvial plain, and the Acapulco Diamante and Laguna de Tres Palos area. These solutions include the creation of green systems, river corridors, integrated water management, and the promotion of sustainable urban mobility.

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