DesignTO Tour: The Wellington Destructor

DesignTO Tour: The Wellington Destructor

Join us for a tour of The Wellington Destructor followed by a panel discussion featuring Principal Sam Dufaux on January 21, 2023

Join us for an outdoor tour around the exterior of The Wellington Destructor, a purpose-built garbage incinerator in downtown Toronto poised to become a new community hub. This tour and talk will explore the design approaches to existing buildings and sites through the lens of culture and sustainability, and topics such as adaptive reuse: repurposing and reimagining programmes for existing structures and sites.

The tour will be followed by a gathering indoors where SvN Principal Sam Dufaux will provide a history of the site and the TAS project. Public interest designer and strategist Zahra Ebrahim and artist and creative placemaker Christina Zeidler will join Sam to discuss creative and sustainable city building.

A certificate for 1.5 hours of OAA ConEd will be issued to registered attendees who request it with their RSVP for the event and attend the event. Please dress warmly for the outdoor portion of this event.

The tour will be held on January 21, 2023.
Register for the tour here and read more about The Destructor site and project here.

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