5 SvN Editorials Discussing A Post-Carbon Future for Our Cities

5 SvN Editorials Discussing A Post-Carbon Future for Our Cities

Over the summer of 2022, SvN conducted a series of inspiring conversations with leaders across North America about building better cities for a post-carbon future. The series, called SvNSpeaks, is part of our firm’s ongoing investigations into new and practical design solutions for cities to embed zero-carbon policies into official plans, implement progressive land-use regulations and devise regulatory mechanisms to support energy efficiency and climate resiliency in our building and cities.

Canadian Architect magazine published a series of op-eds on our conversations. All five articles can be found below:

How to phase out fossil fuels in buildings and lessons from New York (ep. 1)

How to incentivize and accelerate low-carbon building designs, with lessons from Vancouver (ep.2)

Removing Barriers to Decarbonize Our Cities (ep.3)

Enhancing the city’s role as a carbon sink: the San Francisco experience (ep.4)

Implementing Carbon Budgets in New and Existing Buildings (ep.5)

SvN is committed to leading the industry as a regenerative design practice focused on building creative and inclusive post-carbon cities. SvNSpeaks emphasizes how meaningful change happens when collaborating and drawing inspiration from global experts.

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