SvNSpeaks (Ep.1): A Series of Conversations On Building a Post-Carbon Future Launched!

SvNSpeaks (Ep.1): A Series of Conversations On Building a Post-Carbon Future Launched!

On June 1st, SvN launched the first episode of SvNSpeaks, a series of conversations on the urgent need to prioritize planning policies, guidelines and legislations through a post-carbon lens. Solution-oriented topics include accelerating and incentivizing low-carbon building designs to electrifying and enhancing the carbon sequestration of an entire city grid.

Guests will consist of leading experts from across North America who are making substantial headway in these areas, such as the cities of Vancouver, San Francisco and New York.

SvN Speaks is a response to the City of Toronto’s review of the Official Plan (OP 2051) and will highlight key opportunities, challenges, and recommendations to inform the ongoing review process and help transition the Official Plan from a land-use focus to a zero-carbon focus.

In our first episode, SvN’s Director of Regenerative Practice Aaron Budd hosts urban policy experts Lolita Jackson and David Miller for a conversation about the decarbonization of New York City and how they are phasing out fossil fuels.

Lolita Jackson is a former Special Advisor for Climate Policy & Programs with the City of New York and currently is the Executive Director of Communications & Sustainable Cities at Sustainable Development Capital, LLP.

David Miller is the former Mayor of Toronto and currently is Managing Director of the C40 Centre for Urban Climate Policy and Economy.

Both guests have extensive experience working on climate-focused city planning policies and initiatives that accelerate the transition to zero carbon including the progressive Local Law 97.

Click here for the full interview.

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David Miller, Managing Director, C40 Centre for Urban Climate Policy and Economy

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